Dave Brown​




Winner of 19 Series Championships in 20 years of racing 

Over 200 career victories

Competition History

2015           WERC Champion 

2014-2015  Wins in USTCC-GT class while managing pro team

2013           United States Touring Car Championship:  2nd place

2012           United States Touring Car Championship:  5th place

​2011           United States Touring Car Championship:  3rd place

2009-2010 CMC2 N. Cal, S.CAl and West Coast Championship Winner

  •                   Top driver in all 3 championship series and at NASA Nationals

2007-2008  Honda Callenge and USTCC races, Time Attack

  •                   Professional driver for Mitsubishi Motors of North America and Tesla Motors

2006​           National Champion:  United States Touring Car Championship

  •                   4 wins and 2 second place finishes.  Championship decided after 6 of 7 races.

2005           National Championship:  United States Touring Car Championship Series

  •                    5 poles, and 4 wins out of 7 starts including winning the inaugural San Jose Grand           Prix

2003           3rd Place Infineon Raceway, NASCAR Elite Division, Southwest Series

  •                    Highest placing non-Nextel Cup Driver of the event

2001-2001   American Stock Car Champion, 7 wins, 16 to 5 finishes

  •                      NASA Super Unlimited Endurance Series Champion both years

1995 through 2000 NASA Super Unlimited Endurance Series Champion

1998  NASA Pro 7 3rd place

1997  NASA Pro Sedan 1 Champion

1996  NSAS Pro Sedan 1, 2nd Place

1995  NASA Pro Sedan 1 Champion

1994  NASA Handicapped Pro Series Champion

Career Highlights

Race and performance driving instructor and team coach

Professional driver for Tesla Motors, Mitsubishi, BF Goodrich, WORKS, Spoon

Track records:  Infineon, Laguna, Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Pomona, Phoenix, Miller

Experience in SEdans, Karts, Stock Cars, Formula Fords, IMCA

Iron Man award presented in 2000, (5 cars, 5 races in 1 day)

Experience in SCCA, NASA, NASCAR, FIA/Trans-AM race series