Davy, is the best known as the most decorated, underrated American race car driver.  "The Art of Winning" can easily describe his accomplishments as a road racer.  He has driven everything from Formula Super Vee, Formula 3, Formula 1, and Indy cars.  Jones, Capturing a win at the Daytona 24 endurance race in 1990 in a Jaguar, second in the Indy 500, his rookie year.  Traveling to New Zealand, he won two Formula Atlantic Grand Prix's.  Davy is probably best known for winning the overall 24 Du Le Mans in 1996, being the last American driver to win such a race.  A very popular racer in the Camel GT series driving BMW and Jaguar GTP Group C enteries, shattering track records and winning many races.  He spent seven years participating in the Winston Cup NASCAR series, driving for Team Jasper.  He is now a frequent driver in the Grand Am race series.