Food Service Director of Stockton Unified School District, with 39 years experience, she keeps the team well fed and scheduled.  Yvonne and her late father Raymond Medel Sr. owned and operated a local auto repair shop for 3 years as well as learning and working on cars since she was 14 years old.  She is no rookie when it comes to working on cars, ideas, and not shy when you are doing something out of character.  when she in not cooking for the team, you will find her changing tires on the pit stops or working on the car.  





A race car driver and builder, carpentry is what I do.  I have been a General Contractor for over 30 years and became attracted to the challenges of remodel and unique obstacles.  I entered the sport of racing in 1992 and was "Rookie of the Year" at the local dirt track.  I continues open wheel racing for 12 years until surgery sidelined me from driving.  Through, a kit car forum, I met Don Vought, on the internet, actually I have met a lot of great race drivers and friends there, that introduced me to the "Road Race" side of the sport.  I was hooked and now have my own team (PDG4).  At the tracks through the years, I was known as the guy that could "Get a dolloar out of every dine I spent".  Although I never won a main event or championship, I had a lot of fun doing it! I still enjoy it to this day.